Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 11/9/2020 - 6:30 PM
Category: New Business
Type: Action
Subject: CareHere Agreement
Board Goals:
3. Strive to become the district of choice for the metropolitan area
i. attract, recruit, and retain a high-quality, diverse staff ii. Achieve the hiring of qualified certified minority candidates that reflect student enrollment, with incremental increases of 5% per year for 5 years iii. Provide competitive salaries and benefits iv. Maintain and increase student enrollment
Policy: DJF-1 - Purchasing
Enclosure: Agreement
File Attachment:
CareHere Raytown Third Amendment 20201028.pdf
Background & Rationale: Each year the district reviews and renews our agreement with the company, CareHere, who manages our employee onsite clinic. This year's agreement reflects a 19.5% reduction in Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) fee. This will save the district an estimated $65K for the year. This agreement allows for up to four years of review and renewals.
Budget to be Charged: Operations - Purchases Services and Supplies
Motion: I move to approve the proposed agreement with CareHere for the management of the employee onsite clinic with the option to renew up to four additional years.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Dr. Steve Shelton - Associate Superintendent of Operations
Signed By:
Jacqueline Vernon - Finance Supervisor
Signed By:
Dr. Allan Markley - Superintendent